Assembleon Opal X II

Assembleon Opal-X II è sostanzialmente una versione ridotta di Topaz-X II, con una produzione di componenti leggermente inferiore, ma con la stessa precisione di posizionamento e le stesse dimensioni della scheda.

Ripristino totale

Model: Assembleon Opal-X II

Category: Pick and Place/Feeders

Model Year: 2004

Hours: approx 22,000

Condition: refurbished

Location: Italy – Padua

Available 1 machine – Fully Functional



8 Head Machine
4 FNC Head- Flying Nozzle Changer
20,000 CPH
0201 Capable
Max Board 18″ x 17.3″
Line Array Camera
CCD Camera
Footprint: 1650mm x 1408mm
The Opal-XII is basically a scaled-down version of the Topaz-XII with slightly lower component output but with the same placement accuracy and board size. Both systems place everything from 01005 components to large CSPs, Flip Chips, BGAs and fi ne pitch QFPs.

Pick & Place


Assembleon, Philips, Yamaha