Couring Oven CS 1500-3 150

Il forno Couring Oven CS 1500-3 150 Degrees offre ottime prestazioni termiche e una grandissima flessibilità, grazie anche alle sue dimensioni compatte.
Prodotto da Promass Assembly System B.V.

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    Machine: Oven
    Make:  Promass Assembly System B.V.
    Model: Couring Oven CS 1500-3 150
    Serial Number:  1478
    Model Year:  2011
    Location:  Italy/Padua
    Availability:  Immediate for purchase



    – 1 pcs. Chain Segment conveyor.
    – Conveyor length 1220 mm.
    – Max. PCB width = 460 mm.
    – Electrical width adjustment.
    – Fixed rail at the FRONT side.
    – Adjustable curing time by PLC.
    – Curing conveyor based on hot air, reflow system; vertical airflow.
    – Electrical heating system, PID controlled by solid state switches; adj. air temperature.
    – Isolated top-cover.
    – Controlled by Omron PLC and NB touch screen.
    – Communication via SMEMA standard




    Promass Assembly System B.V.